The Inspired Leader way

At The Inspired Leader, we help you to discover the essence of your leadership style, what you stand for, and where you are going. We also focus on the heart of your company – what it stands for and where it’s going, because it’s all connected. Using purpose and values as guideposts and a framework anchored in inclusion and Transcendent Leadership, together we spark an evolution that changes how leadership is viewed in impactful ways.


What we do

We connect you to what’s most important for you, your team, and your clients. We help you move from uncertainty to growth and get you on an upward trajectory that you never look back on—by tapping into human leadership qualities, moving toward opportunity, and finding ways to bring your people along with you on the journey in life changing ways.

Who we are

Ally Stone has been a partner in a multi-unit restaurant franchise for the past 15 years in Alberta, Canada. During that time, she was the Director of Culture and Leadership Development for the organization. In her tenure, she created multiple successful models in leadership development and team culture building that she now shares with other organizations based on the idea that leaders can go beyond their every day to create the careers of their dreams.

Ally Stone - The Inspired Leader


The Inspired Way


At The Inspired Leader, we have an array of proprietary workshops and programs for your leadership development needs that will inspire & motivate you to achieve your goals.


The Discovering Transcendent Leadership Masterclass is the ultimate in-depth program for leaders (just like you) to connect with their hearts and create momentum to achieve the career of their dreams!


Ally is an International Coaching Federation Certified Coach. She deeply believes in the power of truly listening and helping guide you to find your authentic path.


One-of-a-kind experience for leaders wanting to dive into The Inspired Way. Ally offers three, six, and twelve-month customized mentoring packages that include participation in all workshops and masterclasses.


At The Inspired Leader, we have an array of inspiring content to keep you connected and motivated as you discover your genuine leadership style on your journey to becoming a Transcendent Leader.



This is the CORE of The Inspired Leader. We will share our heart with you in all that we do because we believe that connecting with our hearts is imperative to extraordinary leadership and a life well-lived.


“Ohana” in Hawaiian means Family.
That is how we treat our clients and our team.
Together we are stronger.
Together we can achieve our dreams.


We all come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. That’s what makes human beings so beautiful. At The Inspired Leader, we welcome unique perspectives and bring those vantage points into our work to create meaningful opportunities and outcomes.


Yes, we are a leadership development company and here to walk alongside you, as you grow. We also know that our growth is very important as well. We are always learning from you and other inspiring individuals keeping the momentum of growth alive for everyone.


Word on the street

“I’ve attended several of Ally’s talks on culture, leadership, and empowering women. I always leave her sessions completely inspired and ready to make a bigger difference in the lives of the people I lead and work with. She does this through motivating change and providing actionable strategies that I can apply in my own leadership and business. She is an artful storyteller who tells compelling narratives that inspire, remind me of why I do the work I do, instill belief in myself and others, and reinforce the impact I can have through my work. If you get a chance to hire Ally for one of your speaking events, I highly recommend you take it!”

“I was a business leader under Ally’s direction for nearly five years, and during that time, I experienced incredible growth, both as a leader and a human being. Ally is an insightful mentor who empowered me to be vulnerable and connect with my team on a level I had not achieved in the past. Ally’s extensive business experience sparked a passion in me to build an award-winning business, nurturing and growing it year after year. Her genuine love, interest, and concern for others are evident in every interaction I have ever witnessed.
Over the years, I have had the privilege to attend many seminars, presentations, and workshops Ally was facilitating. I have always been impressed with Ally’s ability to take her experience in business and life and translate it into a valuable and passionate learning experience for others. I am grateful for the time spent working with Ally and the potential she has shown me. I would highly recommend her to any organization wanting to develop deeper authenticity on their leadership team.”
“I had the privilege and the pleasure of attending Ally’s presentation and workshop, at BeX 2019. While exceptionally well presented, it wasn’t fancy or full of flare… instead, it was raw, real, and came from her heart. The entire room was shifted emotionally, and it became clear to me that she has a unique ability to connect with individuals and groups of people around her quickly. It seems this comes from her innate trait of being authentic and genuine and her willingness to be vulnerable in her pursuit of helping others. I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to participate.”
“Ally is a special person. She has dedicated her life to making the experience of “leading and living” better for everyone she encounters. She connects with people on a deep level because she’s courageous enough to express her authentic self regardless of the type of person(s) she might be in front of. Ally has an uncanny ability to create a safe space for people to explore the depths of their authentic selves without fear of judgment or repercussion. That’s why Ally impacts lives so deeply because it’s that depth of self-exploration that awakens a new awareness that life can be better. That’s what helps bring lasting change for the leaders she works with. I cannot recommend Ally enough.”
“With her warm and engaging manner, Ally takes a uniquely holistic approach to leadership coaching. She tailors her sessions to the specific requirements of clients, with a strong focus on the practice of self-awareness and mindfulness as foundational prerequisites for authentic leadership.”
“Simply put, Ally has changed my life. She has provided me with opportunities to grow, learn and lead passionately and authentically. She has helped me articulate and express my values and has taught me the importance of setting boundaries while utilizing what I value as a guidepost to do so. These things will be ever-growing, and I’m grateful to have someone who cares about my success and well-being and who can help me navigate what this crazy world has to offer.”
“Every time that I work with Ally, it’s a complete joy! Her energy and compassion creates an environment for creativity and productivity to flourish. I’m very thankful to have found her. She’s has a major impact on my growth a person, entrepreneur, and leader!”
“I have always enjoyed working with Ally. She shows leadership, authenticity, and kindness. If you are working on personal development, corporate development, or need a motivational push, Ally is the right person for you.”
“Ally’s true calling is to inspire and motivate folks from different walks of life. I attended a master class on leadership she was facilitating a few years back where she shared her personal stories of success (10+ successful restaurants) with personal challenges. Her self-awareness from those situations allows her to educate people on strategies to become successful in their journey’s. Her engaging manner had me walking away from the two day course feeling inspired, motivated and ready to tackle the world!”
“To know Ally is a true gift. I’ve been blessed to have been coached by Ally for the past two years. She has truly changed my life for the better. In that time, I have learnt how to better handle hard situations and come out of them with grace and curiosity to keep learning. That is just a start of the large “toy box” she has gifted me to use though life’s good times and bad. Ally illustrates what it means to put in the hard work and see the beauty life has to offer. She is an amazing woman that I look up to.”