Ally Stone

Ally has been a leader in the hospitality industry for over 15 years. During this time, she has been an integral part of developing 15 successful businesses and teams. As Director of Culture and Leadership Development, Ally has mastered a deep understanding of what it means to be truly connected as a leader and how that drives the success of any business.

She bases her leadership style on what she has come to call Transcendent Leadership. Her approach to this elevates team thinking beyond everyday problems and obstacles, building instead on quality in group and individual connection for lasting effect. This has created a culture of engaged and emerging leaders in her organization that many admire and emulate.

Through The Inspired Leader, Ally shares these insights with organizations and leaders alike. Together they dive deep into what it means to go beyond, to lead from a place of presence and connection, creating an opportunity to experience their careers in ways that previously had not been deemed possible.

Ally has worked with 1000’s of leaders from all levels of organizations. She has delivered countless workshops, seminars, and talks; she is continuously developing herself to continue providing the best and most relevant content available. She now shares an array of programs geared specifically towards the journey of a Transcendent Leader.

Ally is also a certified Meditation Teacher, a Heart Math Resilience Mentor, and an ICF Certified Coach. She is active, loves yoga, biking, hiking, and time with her two dogs. She currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta, with her husband of 20 years, Chris.

Ally Stone - The Inspired Leader