Ally’s coaching is from the heart. Her process is built to care for you and your needs and to help you achieve the level of success you desire in your life.

She is a certified ICF coach working towards her master’s certification (MCC). This is a 2500 hour certification program that only the top 5% of coaches attain. Why is this so important? Because she deeply believes in the power of coaching and the profound impact it can have on a life. She is also a certified Heart Math Personal Resilience Mentor who helps her clients balance the stressors of leadership and life.

Everyone is different, as are the issues you may want to work through. Here’s a sample of some of the real-life challenges Ally has supported and helped to guide her clients through:

How do I lead authentically in the unknowns of this ever-changing world?

What can I do to build an engaged culture and become the type of leader I dream of?

How can I be more authentic, genuine, and inspired?

What do I need to learn to show up more fully in my career and my life?

How can I more effectively hold my team accountable?

What can I do to get clear about my priorities and better manage stress?

Ally offers a complimentary consultation to all new clients click the button below to book yours today!

Ally Stone - The Inspired Leader

Word on the street

“With her warm and engaging manner, Ally takes a uniquely holistic approach to leadership coaching. She tailors her sessions to the specific requirements of clients, with a strong focus on the practice of self-awareness and mindfulness as foundational prerequisites for authentic leadership.”
“Simply put, Ally has changed my life. She has provided me with opportunities to grow, learn and lead passionately and authentically. She has helped me articulate and express my values and has taught me the importance of setting boundaries while utilizing what I value as a guidepost to do so. These things will be ever-growing, and I’m grateful to have someone who cares about my success and well-being and who can help me navigate what this crazy world has to offer.”
“To know Ally is a true gift. I’ve been blessed to have been coached by Ally for the past two years. She has truly changed my life for the better. In that time, I have learnt how to better handle hard situations and come out of them with grace and curiosity to keep learning. That is just a start of the large “toy box” she has gifted me to use though life’s good times and bad. Ally illustrates what it means to put in the hard work and see the beauty life has to offer. She is an amazing woman that I look up to.”
“Every time that I work with Ally, it’s a complete joy! Her energy and compassion creates an environment for creativity and productivity to flourish. I’m very thankful to have found her. She’s has a major impact on my growth a person, entrepreneur, and leader!”