The Inspired Leader

All of her life Ally Stone has been passionate about leadership. She has been a Senior-Level leader in the hospitality industry since 2005, growing a chain of franchise restaurants from 1 unit to 12 spanning across Northern Alberta. During that time she’s been on a journey to discover what leadership means for her and how she can utilize it to show up in her career and in her life. What she has found is that the most impactful, the most meaningful experiences, have been when we connect with our hearts. Over the past decade or more she has honed in on and refined a Leadership model that speaks to this. Ally has developed numerous programs that help leaders deepen their understanding of the impact they can have on their careers and the world. Now it is her mission to share her model of leadership through a heart-centered focus with the world. She is the founder of the inspired leader through which she mentor’s and coach leaders, she facilitates engaging and inspiring workshops that help you think outside of the box, and delivers keynote speeches to inspire and motivate teams and groups to engage in their own personal leadership style in a way that’s authentic to them. It’s our hope that through these podcasts you feel inspired to go out and challenge yourself to try new things as a leader to show up in the world differently and find a deeper connection with who you authentically are.