Connecting Vulnerability

What did you grow up believing about vulnerability?

Was it something to be avoided in your family? Or was it embraced fully?

Whatever experience of vulnerability we had growing up has likely shaped some of the experiences that we’ve had in our life thus far. The reality is that the world we live in is much more conscious than the world we grew up knowing.

Understanding vulnerability, how it can impact our lives, and how we can utilize it to create beautiful experiences for ourselves and those we lead is deeply impactful. Leaders who can openly embrace vulnerability in empowering ways are sought after. People want to work with those leaders who can connect with their experiences. They want to know that we are all in this experience together, for both the challenging times and the good times in wholehearted open-minded ways.

In the years Ally Stone spent building and creating leadership programs, one thing came up over and over, and that was vulnerability. There is an understanding among leaders of the importance of vulnerability. However, there’s still a lack of knowledge about how to express it in productive and empowering ways for everyone. Ally’s facilitation of this program gives you a deeper understanding of how vulnerability can impact you as a leader, your team, and ultimately the success of your organization.

Program Offers

  • A complete Connecting Vulnerability workbook
  • An opportunity to explore the meaning of vulnerability in your life
  • Weekly challenges and exercises that will help you deep in your capacity to express vulnerability in empowering ways
  • A new perspective on vulnerability and leadership that can be applied to all aspects of your life, particularly as you become more confident in your abilities
  • Understanding how vulnerability can create presence, inspire trust and loyalty, engage people, and create sustainable results.

Program Length

3 x 90-minute sessions

*Program duration is customizable for group and organizational offerings. Can be customized as a team workshop to deepen vulnerability in those relationships*