Creating an Extraordinary Culture

Do you dream of having the ultimate team culture? Would you love to have a team that not only loves what they do but does so with great enthusiasm and pride?

Some people believe creating an extraordinary culture can be like searching for a white rhino, elusive and once in a lifetime. At The Inspired Leader, we know that does not have to be the case.

We all can inspire and empower others. But to earn the trust and credibility to be called a true leader requires devotion to our personal growth and development as human beings. Creating an engaged, unique, and genuinely extraordinary culture is a choice; it happens via the actions and decisions of a leader, and for this to work, it must be intentional, there must be a shift in thinking, a shift in awareness, and an openness to see things differently.

Creating an Extraordinary Culture is facilitated by Ally Stone. Team culture has been one of Ally’s most significant passion projects to date; the culture she helped to develop at Original Joes was nothing short of remarkable. In the 15 years Ally worked as Director of Leadership Development for a multi-unit franchise, she understood the power of creating an impactful team culture. She now brings that experience to this program, sharing years of learning, experiences, and strategies for deepening your own team culture that is indeed game-changing.

Program Offers

  • A complete Creating an Extraordinary Culture workbook
  • A 25% discount on in house team culture consultation for additional customized culture creation support (upon completion of this program)
  • The opportunity to look at your vision as a leader and to create a plan to execute on that vision
  • Strategies and tools to help you create the culture you desire for your team

Who Should Attend

Leaders who crave a more connected team environment. Any leader who has a vision for a better future for themselves and those they lead—Creating an Extraordinary Culture program helps leaders understand first their vision and then strategies to execute on that vision in ways that build the team of their dreams.

Program Length

Half-day session (4 hours)

*Program duration is customizable for group and organizational offerings*