Do you feel as though you are racing through each day?
As though you never quite have enough time?
When you close your eyes at night, you wonder what happened to your day?

You are not alone.

It is easy to get caught up in the demands of the world and the pressures of the day to day, and at some point, we reach a moment in time and wonder how we got here.

The Inspired Leader MindShift program offers you the opportunity to create the life you want by helping you to become present in the life you have. You will deepen your understanding of your body’s physiological response to stress and learn practical and easy-to-adopt strategies to turn fear, anxiety, and resistance into allies.

Ally Stone facilitates Mindshift. She has been teaching this program for over three years. Ally is a Certified Meditation Teacher, a Heart Math Certified Personal Resilience Mentor, and has completed over 150 hours of additional training on stress reduction, neuroplasticity, nervous system, and human cognitive ability. This program is very special to Ally as she knows the value of connecting with her presence and the life-changing effect it has had on her.

Program Offers

  • A complete MindShift workbook
  • Tools and strategies to help you navigate presence in your life
  • An understanding of your body’s physiology and its response to stress
  • A resource list for ongoing learning and discovery
  • An overall feeling of wellbeing from being in attendance that stays with you well beyond the experience
  • An opportunity to get more comfortable with who you are, away from the roles that have defined you

Who Should Attend

Anyone interested in deepening their understanding of their bodies’ capacity to respond to stress and external elements. It is for anyone who wants to live a more present life.

Program Length

3 hours

*Program duration is customizable for group and organizational