Foundational Character

“Your character is the foundation beneath what the world sees.”

It has been said that our true character is revealed when pressure is applied. That is why exploring your character before that time is of the utmost importance. Waiting until things become tough without previous exploration can make it very difficult to have clarity in those critical moments of life.

Leading can place the same pressures on you to respond and likely even more frequently at times than life’s circumstances. In Foundational Character, we explore what you truly desire for yourself and how you want to show up in the world.

Program Offers

  • A complete Foundational Charcter workbook
  • A greater understanding of what it means to be a person with strong character and how our character changes everything.
  • Clarity on your values so they can be an inner compass in all your decisions as a leader and in your life
  • Create a plan to set up good habits that sustain you with resiliency and renewal
  • An exploration of who you are and whom you are meant to be as you get to know a deeper level of yourself
  • Find the freedom of balancing the demands of your career and life with presence and clarity

Program Length

Half-day session (4 hours)

*Program duration is customizable for group and organizational offerings*